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This is your opportunity to let us know about your experiences when relocating. Any tips or suggestions could be very useful to other individuals, families, or indeed to us at Advantage.

"When I moved overseas to Arizona I took all of my household effects, However I soon discovered that I would not need all of my belongings and a large majority went into storage where it has remained ever since, to be honest I cant remember what I have. My suggestion is that if you are not going to use something for 2-3 years then dont take it."

Greg Jones, Pheonix AZ.

"I had a terrible experience when I first moved overseas, poor communication, lack of control and limited Insurance liability, much of my wifes china was broken. I even had a fork lift damage a lot of my items. I guess it was my fault, I chose a company from the telephone book without doing any research. However, when I repatriated one of my colleaques at the bank told me about Advantage International, they were superb, these guys have moved themselves and have actually experienced the process, they anticipated any problems and were really sympathetic to my families needs."

T. Caruthers-London

"I felt communication was going to key in my move and this proved to be the case. When I moved from the US to the UK I was not kept informed of the arrival of my shipment. I ended up having to contact the shipping line myself only to find my shipment had missed a sailing resulting in delays and extra expense which was not met by the movers selected by my company.

When I was told Advanatge International Relocation were going to be handling my return move, I was delighted to see the emphasis they put on good communication and was overwhelmed by their attention to customer service. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending their services."

David Weiler - New York

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