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Please select the country you are relocating to, and you will find all the documents you require to ensure a smooth transfer to your new life.
Enhanced Liability

By using the latest packing methods and materials available to protect your household  goods and personal effects we, at Advantage, take every precaution to reduce the possibilities of damage or loss to your valued items whilst in our care. However, it is always advisable to obtain the added protection of a full cover protection programme.

At Advantage, we can provide you with a programme that will give you the confidence of knowing that your household goods and personal effects are covered at all times and, if you do make a claim, that it will be settled quickly to your satisfaction.

For each mode of your move you will need to submit to us a valuation form with a specific listing of all items to go either via air, surface, or into storage. All valuations should be replacement values in US$. Please be as accurate as possible as, in the event of a claim, reimbursement will only be up to the value declared on the form. ...

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