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Customs Clearance

The country information located at the back of the Move Guide addresses documentation and customs requirements. Specific customs forms will be included in this packet if they are available. Otherwise, your Destination Agent will provide them to you at destination. Because requirements may change without notice, it is best to confirm all the information with your Relocation Coordinator.

Customs clearance is in the hands of government officials, and customs requirements vary worldwide. Customs primary concern is that no restricted or illegal goods are imported and that goods eligible for duties are taxed. Customs inspections may still occur, even if all paperwork is in order.

Completing the necessary forms in advance will expedite customs clearance. Some countries may require your presence or original passport during the clearance process.


The crew will arrive on the date and time previously scheduled with you. Try to arrive before the movers, as there may be charges if they have to wait. Before your household goods arrive, try to decide where you want individual items to be placed in your home.

Wrapped furniture and boxes will be carried into your new home and unpacked. As each item is brought in, check off the item number on the corresponding packing inventory.

Please arrange to be home throughout the move-in process to guide the crew on the placement of your goods. Our door-to-door service includes unpacking boxes and placing the contents on the closest flat surface, unwrapping of all furniture and debris removal on the day of delivery. If the crew is required to return at a later date to collect debris, it may involve an additional charge.

Although we take great care to protect against damage, it sometimes does occur. All missing and damaged items must be clearly noted on the packing inventory before you sign it.

Please enter your username and password to track the progress of your shipment and relocation.


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Please select the country you are relocating to, and you will find all the documents you require to ensure a smooth transfer to your new life.