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Advantage's resources and assets centre around a staff of dedicated professionals - many of whom have lived overseas. The Advantage Family of Quality Approved Agents represents the proven service leaders around the world. Each relocation is coordinated and monitored through a state of the art computer tracking system designed by the Advantage team. The resulting synergies guarantee our ability to consistently deliver customer satisfaction and excellent service. Advantage assigns a dedicated Relocation Coordinator to each relocation. Your Coordinator will be able to provide you with the location and status of each shipment. Advantage's advanced tracking system combines computer accuracy with human empathy for a caring, carefully managed door-to-door service.

Your dedicated Relocation Coordinator is the day-to-day move manager. Their personal investment in, and accountability for smooth, convenient moves are unparalleled.

Experienced coordinators listen to your needs and concerns and take time to discuss, address and if necessary, adjust the expectations of each move.

Close and continuous door-to-door supervision anticipates problems and minimizes delays, reducing to an absolute minimum the high per diem expenses of global relocation.

Time-sensitive prompts automatically trigger timely activity, ensuring swift, effective moves. We are available to discuss any aspect of the move. All details are just a phone call away.

Please enter your username and password to track the progress of your shipment and relocation.


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Please select the country you are relocating to, and you will find all the documents you require to ensure a smooth transfer to your new life.