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Shipping Allowances

The scope of service and volume or weight allowance(s) are determined by your employer. During the pre-move consultation, your Relocation Coordinator will confirm your allowances. If the pre-move survey reveals that your needs exceed your allowance or your company's scope of service, we will request approval for the additional services and weight or volume overages. Services or overages not authorized by your employer will be your responsibility. Your Relocation Coordinator will assist you in minimizing the cost of any additional expenses.

If you have any questions concerning your authorization, please contact your employer or your Relocation Coordinator.

Certain items are prohibited by law for export, import and storage shipments. Inclusion of prohibited items in your shipment may result in unnecessary delays at customs or confiscation of part of your consignment.  

Please enter your username and password to track the progress of your shipment and relocation.


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