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Partner Connect Programme

Advantage International Relocation Ltd is a full service international relocation provider.

Strategically placed in the South of England and with an operational network throughout the United kingdom we can fulfill all of your of your origin or destination needs.

With over 20 Years experience in International transportation we have founded Advantage International Relocation on principles of integrity, trust and quality customer service.

Origin and Destination Services

As your representative we will accommodate all of your origin or destination requirements, providing full pre move counseling and professional packing/unpacking services.

Our crews are fully trained in the art of export packing and loading and fully conversant with the issues relating to overseas relocation, possessing the necessary people skills to treat your shippers and client with respect and politeness.

As an extension of your service and to give the shipper and client continuity, we will be happy to perform origin and destination services utilizing your livery and marking material.

Value Added Services

We have qualified vendor partnerships which enable us to provide the full range of additional services which may be required to complete a sucessful relocation; these include but not limited to:

Maid Services               Electricians               Carpenters

Clock Specialists           Cleaners                  General Handyman

Plumbers                      Gardeners                Cranes & Hoists

Piano Services

Our Committment

We consider trust, good communication and attentiuon to detail as some of the vital ingredients to make any move successful. With Advantage International Relocation Ltd you will have the piece of mind that your clients will be handled with the utmost care and courtesy and have the personal involvment of the founding members.

Partner Connect Programme

We wish to maintain and increase our data base of overseas agents who are keen to forge partnerships and alliances based on the same fundamentals of integrity and trust.

All partnerships will be treated in the strictest confidence.

If you are interested in working with, or supplying services to us, please provide a portfolio of services along with relevant contact details etc.

Like you, we are seeking long term partnerships.



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